KPU 15th Jubilee Celebrations

KPU 15th Jubilee CelebrationsDSC_2292

On the 25th of April, a celebration commemorating the 15th anniversary of Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz took place.
The celebration started at 9 o’clock with a Holy Mass in st. Marcin and Mikołaj’s Cathedral, celebrated by Bishop Jan Tyrawa, Ordinary of Bydgoszcz Diocese. After the Mass, KPU Authorities, together with KPU staff and students, escorted by a 50-people Wind Instruments Orchestra from Koronowo Culture Center, marched to the Old Town and laid a wreath under the monument of Combat and Martyrdom. Next, they went to the Fish Market where they boarded a pleasure boat and traveled to KPU’s main seat in Toruńska street accompanied by a parade of Dragon Boats, motorboats and kayaks from the Zawisza Sport Club.
At 11.00 the official celebrations in Auditorium Maximum started. The Rector of Kujawy and Pomorze University, Prof. Helena Czakowska, PhD welcomed all guests, as well as employees and students of KPU, including Bishop Jan Tyrawa, Grażyna Ciemniak – member of Parliament, Jan Szopiński and Kazimierz Drozd – vice Chairmen of the City Council, Henryk Pawlina – the Head of Representatives of the Marshal’s Office, Łukasz Niedźwiecki – vice President of the City of Bydgoszcz, Piotr Kozłowski – Advisor of the Provincial Governor, dr. Jerzy Kasprzak – Chief Sanitary Inspector, Tomasz Pietraszak – Director of Polish Television in Bydgoszcz, as well as representatives of the Statistics Office, Penitentiary, Rectors of other Universities in Bydgoszcz and guests from abroad.
The welcoming ceremony was followed by a speech of Roman Czakowski MA – the President of Kujawy and Pomorze University, devoted to the history of Kujawy and Pomorze University – its establishment in the year 2000 and the following development.
During the celebration numerous distinctions and prizes were awarded, among them  Bene Meritus, Sapientiae Servientes, occasional medals and Letters of Thanks. The celebration was honored by a short concert of the Wind Instruments Orchestra from Koronowo mentioned above, directed by bandmaster Mirosław Kordowski, PhD.  The young musicians received a standing ovation.
The Rector and the President of KPU, assisted by the invited guests and Senators planted a Jubilee Oak Tree – a symbol of the firm position of the University, and representing the power of wisdom, serving which is the mission of Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz.
After the official celebration, an International Jubilee Picnic started. Beautiful weather and a program full of attractions magnetized a huge number of people. As the program was designed to suit various tastes and desires, the youngest participant was a one-year-old girl Aleksandra, and the oldest – a ninety-year-old man.
Among the numerous attractions available to people taking part in the Inernational Picnic, there were some, like the pleasure boat cruise, decoupage workshop, full of attractions Children Zone, dance show and a balloon sword battle, that were particularly attractive for the public.
The hungry and the thirsty had an opportunity to try traditional Polish pea soup, as well as grilled sausages. There was also a special Jubilee Cake and a tasting of Turkish and Ukrainian Cuisine.

It is worth mentioning that all the attractions listed above were free and everyone was welcome at the Jubilee Celebrations.

4th International Open Scientific Days

modn_logoOn the 21st of April 2015, 4th International Open Scientific Days start. The event shall continue till Sunday the 26th of April.

The event is organised by Kujawy and Pomorze University in cooperation with University’s foreign partners and the Friends of Bydgoszcz Association. All students and citizens of Bydgoszcz and our Region are invited to participate in this event.

The aim of the event is to propagate studying as well as popularizing science, culture, art and the most important achievements of KPU and its foreign partners. International Open Scientific Days are an excellent opportunity to get to know the offer of Kujawy and Pomorze University.

Numerous attractions have been prepared for the participants. The programme includes among others:

-         Students’ conference “Modern Legal Problems”

-         Creative thinking workshops for high-school students

-         Inauguration of the Pre-school Academy of Fun and Science by the Children’s University ALPHA

-         Educational, dance and art workshops for kindergarten pupils (Toddler dances Zumba, Poland reads to Children, Toddler vs Classics)

-         Scientific Workshops for pupils and parents (Cyber-violence and cyber-terrorism prevention, All you need to stay healthy is your will)ss

-         Interpersonal Skills Training – protection against manipulation

-         Spelling Test in English and Russian

-         Court Proceedings Simulation – civil law and penalty law

-         Workshops in Accountancy

-         Free of charge legal advice

-         Open Lectures in Geodesy and Cartography, IT and Construction

-         A demonstration of “Global Technologies of Radio Communication”

-         Active Authors Meeting Point

-         Inauguration of the cycle Know your Mentor

-         Scientific Conference “Pedagogical Thought Recycling – between Tradition and the Present”

-         Painting and Graphic Works Exhibition

As a part of the International Scientific Days, the commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of Kujawy and Pomorze University will take place. You are kindly invited to take part in the commemoration celebration.

The celebration shall start with a ceremonial Holy Mass in a Cathedral celebrated by Bishop Jan Tyrawa – ordinary of the Bydgoszcz diocese. On this day a Parade of Dragon’s Boats will take place, together with numerous other attractions.

Admission is free for all the events, however registration for workshops has to be done in advance because of the limited number of available places. Applications should be send via email: or declared by phone:  52 365 84 26.

A detailed plan of International Open Scientific Days shall be placed on our website soon.

Orientation Programme for students taking part in the Erasmus + Programme

From the 23rd to the 27th of February 2015, Orientation Programme for foreign students studying at Universities in Bydgoszcz as a part of the Erasmus + Programme will take place. The current programme refers to previous editions of this enterprise prepared by coordinators from Bydgoszcz Universities – Kazimierz Wielki University, University of Technology and Life Sciences, University of Economy, Collegium Medicum and Kujawy and Pomorze University. The students will meet the President of Bydgoszcz, listen to a lecture on Poland delivered by Mikołaj Sobociński PhD, visit Helios cinema, as well as take part in an integration evening at Kubryk club and interactive tour around Bydgoszcz. On Friday, Eurodinner – a tasting of national dishes, will take place.

We hope that this attractive and vibrant programme will give you an opportunity to meet, and become friends with other foreign students studying in Bydgoszcz, thus making your stay in Bydgoszcz a most memorable experience.

Kujawy and Pomorze University – another positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee

According to the resolution 17/2015 of the Polish Accreditation Committee from the 8th of January 2015, connected to the curriculum evaluation of the Social Work field of study (first cycle studies), Kujawy and Pomorze University has been awarded a positive grade. It is a truly positive information for all students and candidates, as the high grade guarantees obtaining solid education and high level professional competences.

In the issued resolution, the Polish Accreditation Committee highlights the fact that the Faculty of Social Sciences and Modern Languages fulfills all the requirements connected to the educational staff, curriculum and organisation to run Social Work studies. Additionally, the Committee indicated that the criterion connected to the teaching infrastructure has been awarded an A plus grade.

It is worth noting that Kujawy and Pomorze University is one of the few universities in Poland offering studies in this field of study. This is an offer for those who would like to work in social policy centres, as well as centres of family assistance and welfare, or work with foster families or in care and education units and support centres. During the three years of studies graduates will gain abilities necessary for social workers – they will learn how to diagnose the phenomena causing social problems, as well as the techniques of social intervention, causes of family dysfunction in in the field of its care and educational functions, as well as the sources of disabilities, social pathology , maladjustment and exile.

During the 15 years of its functioning, Kujawy and Pomorze University has gained an opinion of a reliable and solid university, educating according to the newest trends in world and European science, as well as friendly for its students. It is worth emphasizing that not only Social Work has been awarded a positive grade by the Polish Accreditation Committee, but also all the other fields of studies inspected so far. Moreover, a lot of initiatives undertaken by KPU have been evaluated as model ones.

KPU student awarded a scholarship by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

bruska-stypendiaWe are pleased to inform that on the 21st of January our student – Joanna Bruska received from Her Magnificence prof. Helena Czakowska PhD the Rector of Kujawy and Pomorze University, a decision of prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska the Minister of Science and Higher Education, on being awarded a scholarship for outstanding acievements in the academic year 2014/2015

Joanna Bruska is a student of the third year of MA law studies. The scholarship of the Ministry is a form of awarding students with high academic results or outstanding sport or artistic achievements, by the state. Ms Joanna is a canoeist of Zawisza Bydgoszcz Sport Club, and in the previous year she won medals on prestigious world and European championships:

-         silver medal for winning the second place in 2014  ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships (K4-500m, young competitor)

-         silver medal for winning the second place in 2013 ICF Canoe Sprint European Championships (K4-500m, young competitor)

-         a bronze medal for winning the third place in 2014 Academic World Championships (K4-500 m, student/senior)

-         honourable mention for winning the fourth place in 2014 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships (K2-1000m, senior)

In the current academic year, there were almost three thousand students competing for the scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 926 applications gained positive recognition, and in Bydgoszcz 22 scholarships were awarded.

Congratulations and wishing you every success!

Lecture straight from Brussels on the Children’s University Alfa

On 8th December 2014 at the premises of Non-public Primarly School No 1 a meeting of the Faculty of Humanities and Liguistics of the Children’s University Alfa was held. Member of European Parlament Janusz Zemke took a honorary paronage of this event.

Almost 150 of young students took part in the workshops conducted by young scientists and in the lectures given by guests. The following seminars were prepared: National symbols of European countries and European languages with the elements of classical and German philology. The particular event that took place was the lecture of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia Henryk Maciejewski about slavic roots of Croatia and the meeting with the Dutchman Johan Muller on the Duch culture. With the use of skype MPE Janusz Zemke passed his word to the audience, right from the Europarlament in Brussels.

The Children’s University Alfa  is a joint project of KPU and NPS No 1 in Bydgoszcz which has been conducted for three years. It is an undertaking unique in the national scale, since the posts of Rector and Deans are held by childeren under the supervision of academic staff and teachers.


KPU participates in the European Days of Autism

Each year during the first week of December European Days of Autism take place. These days are organised in order to raise awareness of autism, they are also an opportunity for the global involvement and more effective international cooperation on this subject.

The activities within the initiative serve a purpose of  raising public awareness of the problems and needs of autistic people. They are also aimed at improving the quality of life of people with autism by helping them to develop their individual talents and by making care services more available to them.

The Faculty of Social and Philologial Sciences of KPU  actively joined in the realisation of these tasks. On 6th December dr Maciej Jabłoński gave a lecture entitled “Autistic isolation – a man lost in reality”. The audience of the lecture consisted of students of KPU and people from outside the University.

The Noble Box Project in KPU!

It has already become a tradition of Kujawy and Pomorze in Bydgoszcz and of the Technical College of Gastronomy and Hotel Trade to participate annually  in the Noble Box (Szlachetna Paczka) project. Donors who are willing to help needy family may bring their gifts to the office at the 2nd floor of the KPU Building C, until 12th December.


The family, to which we would like to donate our gifts this ,year struggles for living for over 5 years, since their daughter Oliwia was born. Mrs Mariola and Mr Piotr, besides their daughter, are also rising their 14-years old son Kacper. They lack the financial resources to pay for rent and for other basic family needs like food, cleaning supplies, teaching aids, household goods. We strongly encourage everyone to support this noble project.

After the „One world-many cultures” conference

jswk2V International Interdisciplinary Conference from the „One world-many cultures” cycle came to an end.  During two days (6-7.11.2014) at the premises of Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz nearly 300 participants listened to several lectures of outstanding experts and specialists. The main theme of this year’s edition was “Society in the face of multicultural challenges from legal, religious, economic and educational perspectives”.

The plennary session was inaugurated by the lecture of  prof. h.c. KPSW, Mons. Giuseppe Scotti, the Chairman of the Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation. The author of the lecture laid an empasis on the fact that the four thematic sections of the conference are essential to modern society for reconstructing the holistic vision of human, in which intelligence correlates with love – these four sections proposed as the subject of analysis during the two days of debate were:  social, religious, economical and educational aspects.

Meanwhile prof. dr hab. Olga Nesterchuk brought up the issue of multiculturalism illustrating it with an example of the development of Russian-Moscovite cultural identity.  In general, the Russian-Moscovite identity is an individual’s subjective sense of belonging, approach and identification with the Russian – as the citzen of the country – and Muscovite – the inhabitant of the capital at the same time – with these words Professor begun her lecture.  Then Professor continued by stating that only in Moscov over 40 categories of young people were  distinguished and that their identity is influenced by many external factors, such as : lack of understanding of Musovite traditions, migration of the yout to metropolis or problems with recreation.

During his speech Rev. prof. dr hab. Piotr Mazurkiewicz drew attention to the issue of cultural minorities illustrated by an example of pastoral dilemma about immigration problems. The speaker claimed that the spiritual ministry for immigrants should be free of any form of racial, national, cultural as well as religious discrimination.  Reverend explained that the essential is to refrain from perceiving immigrants as the threat to cultural identity or as concurrence in access to material goods, but to see them as brothers or sisters possesing various gifts -  their arrival should be an opportunity to celebrate the Catholic principle of being united in diversity.

After the plenary part during the first day of the conference, an academic discourse took place, divided into five main panels, such as:

  1. Legal, administrative and economic aspects of multiculturalism
  2. Religion in the face of challenges of multicultural society
  3. Diversity and complexity (of languages) of culture in education and pedagogy
  4. Education in the face of aspects of challenges of multiculturalism
  5. The youth in the face of challenges of multiculturalism (students’ panel)

Academics and representatives of various circles from Poland and abroad, as well as our students discussed about the aspects of intercultural dialogue.  Also the results of academic research on the subjects of main problems of the modern world were presented.

On the second day of the conference the Primate of Poland, Rev. Archbishop dr Wojciech Polak did us the honour of presenting a paper on the challenge of multiculturalism in modern Europe. During his speech Rev. stated that the subject of multiculturalism does not depend only from theoretical assumptions.  The attempt to comprehending multiculturalism shall not be based on speculative reflection, but requires a confrontation with reality. Rev. Archbishop stressed that every question concerning coexistance of cultures  is in fact a qustion about the human and his capacity of establishing and maintaining relations starting with the family, which cannot be substituted by anything, and finishing by the European community.

- I am glad and I present my recognitions for the organisators of this International Conference, because each speech and all thematic sessions concern particular aspects of the challenge of multiculturalism. Therefore it provides a platform for the meeting, without which it would not be possible to get to the core of the issue – concluded Archbishop Polak.

Prof. nadzw. KPSW, dr hab. Alicja Grześkowiak  during her speech titled „Conscience opposition in chosen professions” pointed out that this subject is still relevant today „especially in pluralistic societies, where occurs a conflict between one’s duty to obey the law and one’s moral obligation”.

Afterwards prof. zw. dr hab. Zbigniew Witkowski gave the speech about the idea of dialogue as a mean of cooperation and of solving conflicts in modern world, according to the thought of John Paul II who perceived religions not only as a way of creating relation with God but also with the other people and among people – explained prof. Witkowski.

Above that, during the second day of the debate the pannel for gymnazjum schools and higher schools was organised together with the economic contest  “Economical shirmishes”. Also students of Law at KPU prepared a simulation of a court trial concernng a murderer of passion, which was received with great interest. Another event that took place was  an oxford-model debate “Living in a global village – lost identity or unlimited perspective of freedom”.

The „One world-many cultures” conference is one of the main elements contributing to the realisation of the mission of KPU expressed in motto „Sapientiae Servientes – in the service of wisdom”, it also adds to the openness for the modern challenges of multicultural world. The event is a continuation of annual academic meetings, inaugurated by our University in 2010, aimed at intercultural dialogue and at the exchange of experiences and thoughts about modern world’s problems in a wide circle of cultural experts, political scientists, sociologists, theologians, historians, educationalists, economists, lawyers, media specialists and representatives of other fields of arts and sciences.

The conferene was oranised by the Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz,  Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation,  Marshal’s Office of the Kujawy and Pomorze and City Hall in Bydgoszcz. .

Coming soon – Vth edition of the International Interdisciplinary Conference “One World – Many Cultures”

4e36c0662e1a1ee82d8be8251a2cc85fWe have a pleasure to invite to the V International Interdisciplinary Conference “One World – Many Cultures”, which will be held on 6 -7 November 2014 at the premises of Kujawy and Pomorze University. The main theme of this year’s edition is “Society in the face of multicultural challenges from legal, religious, economic and educational perspectives.”

 The Conference is a continuation of scientific meetings organised annually since 2010 by our University meant as an opportunity for intercultural dialogue. The November convention is especially significant for the discussion on the problems of contemporary world from different perspectives. One of them is multiculturalism, constituting the main theme of this year’s meeting. However, broadly defined, it does not impose thematic limits on the speakers and the audience. The Conference will also serve intercultural learning concerning wide range of areas of diverse human environments’ coexistence in the increasingly globalizing world. The discussion sessions of the Academics from around the world will be divided into the following panels:

  1. Legal, administrative and economic aspects of multiculturalism
  2. Religion in the face of challenges of multicultural society
  3. Diversity and complexity (of languages) of culture in education and pedagogy
  4. Education in the face of aspects of challenges of multiculturalism
  5. The youth in the face of challenges of multiculturalism (students’ panel)

 Thanks to the success of the first four editions of the conference, it has been recognized and well received by national and international academic society. In the previous editions participated over 250 speakers from polish as well as from foreign research institues, comming from Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine,  Latvia, United States and Switzerland.  This year several dozen speakers from Poland and abroad already confrimed their participation in the Conference.

We encourage everyone who might be interested to find out more about the conference and to  register by fulfulling an application form which can be found on the event’s website: